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The Sally Gap

The Sally Gap

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The Wicklow Mountains may not be the highest in Ireland, but their wild peaks, carpets of purple heather and rich patches of blanket bog can certainly claim to be the most spectacular. And cutting right through the heart of it all is this famous mountain pass.

One of two east/west passes found in the area (the other is the Wicklow Gap), the Sally Gap got its road after the Irish rebellion of 1798. It was built by British Army forces looking to flush rebels from the hills, and to this day is known as the Military Road.

Whatever about giving the army a better view of the rebels, the Military Road certainly provides an enviable view of some of Ireland’s most filmed scenery.

Highlights of this winding, twisting feat of engineering include the Glencree valley, the dark waters of Lough Tay, Kippure Mountain and Glenmacnass Waterfall.

Two more unusual stops are Glencree’s Visitor Centre, originally built to house soldiers guarding the pass (and now a centre for Peace and Reconciliation), and the Glencree War Cemetery, a resting place for German soldiers who died in Ireland.

Drive safely… in winter, parts of the pass can become treacherous.

The Sally Gap can be accessed from Laragh, Roundwood, Enniskerry or Blessington.

The Sally Gap can be found on the following routes:


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