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Bray Cliff Walk

Approximate Distance: 79 miles / 126km

Like coastal views? Then you’ll love this scenic driving route.

Kicking off in Bray, where a Victorian promenade connects with a stunning cliff walk, it proceeds through Wicklow, throwing up mile after mile of remarkably underrated eastern coastline.

Within a short distance of Dublin, you’ll pass the 18th century Wicklow lighthouse on its headland perch. You can explore (and even surf) hidden beaches like Mahermore. You can break out the picnic blanket on sandy, family-friendly strips like Brittas Bay.

If you want a sense of life in the Irish Sea, pop into the National Sealife Aquarium in Bray. Or what about a visit to the Maritime Museum in Arklow, followed by a stroll on the beach or jetty?

Of course, driving along the coastline isn’t your only route to stunning sea views. Returning north through the Wicklow Mountains, you’ll ascend to some mouth-watering vistas over the Irish Sea. Climb the Great Sugar Loaf, and you might even see Snowdonia in Wales.

Every great driving route also needs its pit-stops, and this one is no different. From snap-fresh seafood in Greystones’ merry clutch of restaurants to fish n’ chips on the prom in Bray, or good old-fashioned Irish stews in Laragh, appetites will certainly be satisfied.


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